International Conference on Quantum Fluid Clusters QFC2013
June 16th –19th 2013, Thon-Dittmer-Palais, Regensburg, Germany
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International conference on Quantum Fluid Clusters QFC2013 is scheduled from June, 16th to June, 19th 2013 in the historical center of the city of Regensburg, Germany, a UNESCO world heritage since 2006. The conference will particularly focus on fundamental properties of and microsolvation in quantum fluid clusters and on new frontiers of spectroscopy on dopant species in helium droplets. The conference features mainly invited talks. There is also room for poster presentations to foster a lively debate among the participants. Possibly, some of the poster presentations will be selected for short hot topic talks. The deadline for registration of poster presenters is the end of April.

You and your collaborators/students are invited to participate in the workshop. No registration fees need to be paid. In order to make reservations for a hotel please use the link Accomodation. This link provides access to the hotels in the neighborhood of the conference site, most within foot walk distance. A limited number of special offers will be reserved which require the key word QFC2013. The breakfast you will take at your hotel. Lunch and Dinner you will have at the restaurants of your choice in the close vicinity of the conference site. A conference dinner will be held on Tuesday evening. Please register via the Sign up link on top of this page.

The list of invited speakers: Giorgio Benedek, Italy; Gary Douberly, USA; Marcel Drabbels, Switzerland; Jussi Eloranta, USA; Wolgang Ernst, Austria, Nadine Halberstadt, France; Martina Havenith, Germany; Robert Hinde, USA; Friedrich Huisken, Germany ; Wolfgang Jaeger, Canada ; Matthias Kling, Germany; Wei Kong, USA; Marius Lewerenz, France; David Mateo, Spain; Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer, Germany; Takamasa Momose, Canada; Daniel Neumark, USA; Dominik Pentlehner, Germany; Ulf Saalmann, Germany ; Antonio Sarsa, Spain; Paul Scheier, Austria; Henrik Stapelfeldt, Denmark; Frank Stienkemeier, Germany; Jan Peter Toennies, Germany; Alexandra Viel, Frace; Andrey Vilesov, USA; Pablo Villarreal, Spain; Klaus von Haeften, UK; Gert von Helden, Germany; Birgitta Whaley, USA; Robert Zillich, Austria.

The organizing committee:

Manuel Barranco (Barcelona)
Jesus Navarro (Valencia)
Josef Tiggesbaeumker (Rostock)
Alkwin Slenczka (Regensburg)
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